Tim Biddle

Tim Biddle is Sinch’s Director of Operator Relations for the UK and Ireland. Sinch is a leading global communications provider as a service (CPaaS) and Tim is their foremost expert in the frauds surrounding A2P SMS messaging. At Sinch, Tim tackles grey routes, SIM traffic and other nefarious activity, working with operators to strengthen their networks and the A2P opportunities they have.

Prior to joining Sinch in 2020, Tim spent three years as Wholesale Messaging Account Director at BT. In this role he was responsible for the management and growth of A2P SMS messaging that passes through the BT network from wholesale partners, most of whom are SMS Aggregators. Tim also has considerable experience of working for mobile operators, having spent almost five years at EE and over three years at Orange.

From its inception, Tim has been part of the cross-industry initiative with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, British mobile operators, the finance industry, government and other stakeholders who are challenging the rise in SMS-based phishing.

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