Sarah Delphey

Sarah Delphey is Vice President for Trust Solutions at Numeracle and was previously Director of Abuse and Risk Operations at Bandwidth. She has a deep understanding and a passion for Know Your Customer processes which then gets applied to weeding out scam and spam calls whilst ensuring clients can demonstrate their traffic is trustworthy.

Sarah’s focus at Numeracle is upon the development and delivery of services that restore confidence in the communications ecosystem by ensuring the recipients of communications are accurately advised of who is trying to contact them. She joined Numeracle in 2022 after spending 7 years with Bandwidth in a series of roles relating to risk management, fraud and compliance. Sarah was responsible for Bandwidth’s fraud and risk management strategies and their customer lifecycle management.

Before she focused on the communications sector, Sarah began her career as a paralegal, working with a succession of attorneys based in North Carolina. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina and she is a qualified Notary Public.

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